Lifetime Basketball Goals

Lifetime basketball goals have been around since 1986, Barry Mower was the founder who was looking at making higher quality basketball goals and saw the growing demand in the market. The company was first to develop the quick adjust feature which allowed for manipulation of the height of a basketball goal. This concept went on to change the industry.

Lifetime was also first to sell complete systems, which were much more popular and helped them become the second biggest manufacturer of basketball equipment.

Lifetime Portable Basketball Goals
Lifetime makes a variety of portable basketball goals for all various age groups and experience. Lifetime Front Court 50-inch Portable Basketball Hoop is a classic model and comes with a 50-inch shatter proof backboard with a Slam-It rim and a Speed Shift height adjustment feature for easy, one-hand adjustment. The advantage with a basketball hoop is that the roller base design allows you the option of relocating your basketball hoop until you find that ideal spot on your premises.

For the younger basketball players Lifetime has developed the Lifetime Youth Portable Basketball Hoop which has style and quality combined. This is a basketball system that goes where you go, even if you move to another house. Lifetime portable basketball goals are built to endure rigorous, competitive play and they are also water-resistant.

Lifetime In-Ground Basketball Goals
Lifetime in-ground hoop systems are constructed of UV-protected, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic and powder-coated steel to resist rusting, cracking, chipping, and fading. Lifetime In-Ground Basketball Hoop 50-inch. Shatter Proof Fusion Action Grip System is a very affordable basketball hoop which would be perfect to the family.

For a more professional basketball goal, the Competition Power Lift System would be ideal. This basketball hoop would be perfect for an outdoor basketball court and would last a lifetime. The Competition Basketball Hoop is made of top quality construction and innovative design so you get the most out of your game and your investment.

Lifetime Mammoth Basketball Goals
Mammoth basketball hoops are Lifetime’s highest-end basketball hoops. The Mammoth basketball systems have glass backboards for superior rebound and bolt-down poles. Lifetime designed the Mammoth line with a pro-style feel that caters to serious basketball players while still providing an adjustable-height hoop that quickly raises and lowers. One of the top of the range models is the Mammoth Basketball Hoop 72-inch Glass System. The price ultimately reflects the difference in quality for the professional player. These goals are durable and will help increase the performance of a player looking at developing into the top level.

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